BabyX Diaper Bag Backpack - Waterproof & Charging

The BabyX Diaper Bag Backpack is phenomenally popular among mothers and fathers for great reason - this high quality, waterproof bag was designed with all parenting needs in mind... And a few more - such as its ability to charge USB Devices!

Not only is the BabyX Diaper Backpack designed with all the features parents desire - waterproof, multiple compartments, far more comfortable to carry than a tote bag - but it also has a surprisingly large capacity AND has the ability to charge your devices (phone, tablet, etc) on the go!

It has a gorgeous design and compartments for bottles, diapers, clothes, accessories and more. It is constructed of a heavy-duty and very durable Oxford fabric blended with polyester fibers to make it waterproof.

It's no surprise that this is one of the most popular products we've ever seen on Amazon - with 1,222 reviews averaging 5 stars as of this writing!

The real beauty of the product is that while many adults are out of the habit of carrying a backpack, freeing your hands to interact with your children and navigate the world just makes everything SO much easier. And because the bag is so beautifully designed, you don't have to make the sacrifice of looking ridiculous in order to use it... Let's face it, as parents we'd like to hold on to looking good in as many areas as possible!

 With an insulated compartment to keep at the ideal temperature and a rear-access zip cover, BabyX thought of just about everything when designing this bag!

One Amazon reviewer gave a complete breakdown of their opinion on the bag, saying " Quick Summary: A deceptively spacious bag made of attractive and durable materials, with tons of useful pockets and features all for a low price.

Comprehensive Review:

After a month with this bag, my family is very pleased with it over all. It is hard to imagine getting a better bag for the price. To be perfectly honest, it is my wife that has been using the bag the majority of the time, so most of the input comes from her feedback from real-world use. We have a baby in diapers and a toddler that we are utilizing the bag for.

The bag looks and feels very durable. The materials look nice and are showing no signs of wear after a month. The materials are also currently in fashion. For the most part the bag appears to look like a backpack to the average observer. However, it also has straps at the top if you prefer to carry it like a bag.

There are plenty of pockets on the inside of the bag that are not too small to use and not too big that things get lost. Some of the pockets are insulated for storing temperature sensitive items. The opening of the bag opens large and the bag is deeper and much more roomy inside than expected from looking at it on the outside. On the exterior of the bag there are drink holders that stretch to hold drinks securely in place. Furthermore, there is a built-in wipes dispenser on the side of the bag. Unfortunately, you would have to buy a small package of wipes to be able to use it. Just as with the inside, there are many pockets on the outside. There is even a trap door pocket on the bottom back side of the bag that allows you to quickly access things that have filtered to the bottom. Finally, there is a USB charging port built into the bag that actually works. However, it requires that you provide the portable battery bank for it to plug into, as well as the charging cable."

While another wrote, "BabyX's diaper backpack is super awesome with everything you may need and a special outlet to charge your phone using your battery pack that conveniently fits inside (Battery pack not included). Now I will never have my phone low on charge while I am out and about with my little one. Insulated pockets, easy access compartments, zippered access for added security, special smaller compartment that is super easy to use for keys, phone, etc. Another great feature is access from back to the stuff you may need from the bottom of the backpack instead of having to search through everything from the top. Plenty of pockets for baby bottles and anything else that you need to store. I love the color Gray as it goes with everything and dad can use it proudly too. BabyX diaper backpack is truly Mommy's Modern helper and it will help daddies too." 

Overall this is a beautiful example of brilliant product design and focusing on what parents want. Does it satisfy everyone's every desire? Of course not, that would be impossible - but getting that average review on Amazon after that many reviews is as close to perfect as you're likely to see any time soon!

We love the innovation and recommend that you pick yours up from Amazon now!:

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