CO2 for Migraines Backed by Early FDA Trials, Customer Reviews & Piles of Research…


The degree of suffering caused by migraines is really immense. What would you give to never have to suffer from migraines again in your life? Ten thousand dollars? Fifty thousand dollars? More?

"Hi! Just writing to let you know that the device IS working for me! Had some trouble at first with figuring it out, but have it down now. and WOW! I'm so glad I took a chance on it! Thank you sooo much! I wanted to share it with a migraine group that I'm part of on facebook but I can't find the ad anymore. Please, please don't tell me that you're not going to be making them anymore because it's a fantastic product! I have chronic migraines and am on a twice daily preventative medication, but still need to take an abortive probably 4x a week. Since I figured out how to use this device correctly, I haven't had to use the abortive at all. Thank you again"

-Shannon H, Connecticut - one of our early customers from our IndieGoGo launch that raised 1305% of its goal (Thanks for the feedback Shannon!)

You've seen a Neti Pot or Nasal spray right? Of course. Just think Neti Pot for Carbon Dioxide. That's all this is. Why would that work? I'm sure you're familiar with the increasing scientific acceptance that our nerves can trigger massive physical changes,whether it's from Accupuncture, the sudden rush of adrenaline after hitting your elbow on a cabinet, or the multiple FDA approved migraine devices that use electrodes (surgically implanted, sadly) to trigger the vagus and/or trigeminal nerves.

You've probably even heard of the 'Daith piercing' that works on migraines for a fraction of migraine sufferers (with tens of thousands of people in that fraction, though). The Daith piercing is also simply triggering nerves, though it only triggers the trigeminal nerves and less effectively. Science now is aware that our nervous system can trigger cascading effects through our parasympathetic - or unconscious - nervous system that lead to significant physical changes. The BreatheEasy Migraine device takes advantage of CO2 that triggers the same vagus and trigeminal nerves as the FDA approved implanted migraine devices - just with nothing more than what amounts to a Neti Pot for carbon dioxide. Why carbon dioxide? Well, it's concentrated carbon dioxide that causes a mild burning sensation for about 1/3 of a second - like what you get occasionally drinking a carbonated beverage. It, naturally, requires far more carbon dioxide than you have in your breath (which is <10%). That triggers the nerves just as well as electrodes or accupuncture, but then fades without side effects. Nothing goes in your nose except carbon dioxide - which you already have in much lower concentrations in your nose right now. After having triggered those nerves, it causes what researcher Doctor Spiering called a "Pain cascade" which is a parasympathetic (unconscious) nervous system reaction that many studies and early FDA trials - listed below - have shown is capable of eliminating or highly reducing migraines in many patients.

Once upon a time it was considered impossible to create light without fire. It took mankind thousands and thousands of years to figure it out. It took Thomas Edison TEN THOUSAND tests. But when he finally figured it out, the light bulb really wasn't all that complicated. It solved mankind's age old battle with darkness via a simple and cheap device. History is full of these inventions - hard to find, simple once found.

You might be willing to pay fifty thousand dollars to get rid of migraines for the rest of your life, but when mankind ultimately finds the solution, it might not be much more complicated than a light bulb. Would you be willing to pay just one hundred dollars to try such a solution?

You shouldn't have to suffer from migraines ever again. Having worked on this product for several years, we've found that migraines often impact people's lives in a way that is far worse than even we expected when we started out.

At the same time, launching products is extremely hard. We knew that people would be skeptical about the product, but what we didn't expect was that large numbers of migraine sufferers were very excited about it... And also wanted to wait to see what other people said about it. We don't have a huge company backing us or any significant budget, and in order to for anyone to ever hear about the device, we have to pay thousands of dollars in advertising. So when potential customers decided to wait and see what others thought, we started losing our life savings on trying to help them. We had to give up. We called it a day and stopped producing the product. For the second time, this fantastic product had died.

Then we got an email from an early customer named Brandy. She had been getting Bo tox injections every 6 - 12 weeks or less that were uncomfortable, had side effects, and cost hundreds of dollars. And at the time she found our device, her insurance company had decided to stop paying for them. She was desperate for a solution, and decided she might as well give our product a try. For three weeks we didn't hear anything from her, despite asking for any feedback. And then we finally got an email. She told us that for three weeks the BreatheEasy device had taken care of her migraines single handedly. While it assists medication to work better, she didn't need any. She'd had ten to fifteen headache days a month for life, devastating her whole life. Bo tox had helped but not gotten rid of the problem. But this simple device was taking care of her migraines, saving her from having to go through her insurance company for treatments, keeping her from needing Bo tox injections. It was incredible. I tried not to get choked up. And that's when we knew we couldn't give up on trying to get this device out to anyone who suffered from migraines and needed a way out.


The Science:
"A device that sends pressurized carbon dioxide up one nostril and out the other appears to rapidly abort migraine pain, researchers reported."
"We think these studies suggest that intranasal carbon dioxide provides a well-tolerated and safe alternative for the abortive treatment of migraine headache"
"CO2 Nasal Spray Relieves Migraine Pain"

"Nasal delivery of small amounts of CO2 for a short period of time has, in clinical trials, shown effects on migraine and on the symptoms of allergic rhinitis."
"Abortive treatment of migraine headache with non-inhaled, intranasal carbon dioxide: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study" Conference Paper, June 2005

"Trigeminal antihyperalgesic effect of intranasal carbon dioxide."

"While the gas is flowing, carbon dioxide readily permeates the nasal mucous membranes creating carbonic acid and decreasing the pH of the nociceptive nerve fibers, Dr. Spierings said. The acidosis created is potent enough to prevent stimulation of neurons and activation of the pain cascade. A bystander effect that follows prevents activation throughout the trigeminal nerve system."
Quoted from Dr. Spiering related to the above studies

The FDA Trial-

"The Effect of Nasal Carbon Dioxide in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Migraine" on nasal CO2



As you see in the video, this all started with a promising biotech startup nearly ten years ago that had invented a new way to treat migraines - using only carbon dioxide, which you are exhaling right now. They entered early trials and in their scientific testing proved that the migraine device worked - an astounding 60-65% of the time, which DOUBLED the effectiveness rate of any drug on the market. And because the device worked by activating nerves in the sinuses - much like accu-pressure, using only harmless and natural carbon dioxide in elevated concentrations and for a split second, there were no side effects. The worst case scenario is someone tried the device and it didn't work for them, they were in the 35-40% minority. Oh well. Furthermore, the device ENHANCED the activity of any migraine medications they were using, from Tylenol to prescription drugs. A free and beneficial bonus. When you're talking about migraine treatments for chronic migraines and other migraine headaches, it doesn't get much better than that.

But that startup decided to sell their patent rights to a drug company that made one of the primary prescription drugs on the market, and that drug company tucked the device away to protect their profits. For years I thought this was just a crappy story. Until it helped my own friend. Watch the video for the full story - but we wound up using our experience at Stanford University's Office of Technology Licensing to design around the patent... And create the even simpler and safer BreatheEasy Migraine Device!

But the device we came up with to design around the patent that was bottled up years ago is simpler, cheaper, and even safer to use than the original device. The beauty of our device is it uses carbon dioxide from common soda beverage containers! Cheap, available everywhere, and you know it's safe to consume because you've done it your entire life. The simplicity of the product is its beauty. It makes it incredibly easy for anyone to use, which is critical when you're in the midst of a migraine. It's just about impossible to be away from your migraine relief when all you need is a carbonated beverage.

The device is working for hundreds of our clients in the real world just like as expected from research - as you can see from reviews we've received from clients like this one by Espartaco from Dallas, TX. He was kind enough to try it not just on himself, but on a total of three migraine sufferers - and found great results on two out of three. Just like we expect from all of the research! It's hard even for us to remember that these people have suffered terribly for decades without relief, and then they spent a hundred bucks and that's just a thing of the past for them now. It's really difficult to wrap our heads around how cool that is!


Still don't think your sinuses can cure migraines? Check out this piece by medical professionals on the TV Show 'The Doctors':

The great part is that unlike the many snake-oil devices out there, that biotech company did us all a favor by amassing excellent levels of funding and starting the road through FDA trials. That gave us hard science proving the effectiveness of this device and concept! Furthermore, there is an FDA approved implantable electronic device which triggers the SAME nerves as the CO2 of the BreatheEasy Migraine Device and has a VERY SIMILAR effect according to nasal CO2 research. Approved by the FDA and in use effectively right now! The difference? That device requires painful and life-changing surgical implantation. Whereas the BreatheEasy Migraine device couldn't be easier to use, and couldn't have less impact on anything EXCEPT migraines and other headaches.


Our customers, like Denise's husband, are people who have spent an entire lifetime with regular and generally chronic migraines - most customers have at least 10 headache days a month, many have more. People don't buy our device because they woke up with a migraine one day and this was their first choice - the idea is too new and not widespread enough for that. People buy our device when NOTHING else has worked for them in decades. It's not a miracle device- for the two customers above it eliminated their migraines; for Denise's husband it means that rather than having several full-blown, debilitatingly severe migraines a week, we can now escape into a very mild experience by comparison. Everyone is different. But can you imagine a LIFETIME of nothing helping you at all from multiple migraines a week that are a 9 or 10 in severity, and then all of a sudden you make this purchase once and you don't have migraines any more? Or like Denise's husband, you only have to deal with the very lowest level? That's why we're here. This is for people that NOTHING else works for, and BECAUSE it is so different, it often succeeds for them. Real migraine relief from CHRONIC migraines. To me it's a miracle that it can help ANY customers in that position - but it's helping 60-65% of them; of clients that NOTHING else works for. It's staggering really, to us even. And that's why we're putting all of this effort into a device that barely breaks even for us, that we're barely able to keep in production at a price point so far below other scientifically proven treatments.

We send a signed letter with every device asking for customers to tell us if their device works, or if it doesn't. Want to know how our device is performing for our customers? Out of the first 130 delivered devices, only FOUR customers reported that the device didn't work for them. Even when we asked them to tell us if it didn't. Granted there are likely twice that many who didn't report, but it's working EXACTLY as it is supposed to from the research, or better!

So this incredibly easy to use device is twice as effective as the best medications, free of side-effects, low cost, and very easy to use. The only risk in trying it is under a hundred bucks and that you might be in the minority that it doesn't work for. The worst that can happen is you spend less than a hundred bucks trying it and find it doesn't work for you, but on the upside it can change your life. Sure it's a little funny looking to use it, but under a hundred bucks bucks and looking silly in private in the bathroom are a small price to pay for getting rid of migraines! That's between 1/10 and 1/30 the cost of a year's supply of almost any migraine medication; it's a 1/4 to 1/60th the price of any other migraine device with anywhere near the level of published, peer reviewed scientific research behind it; it's about 1/40 the average year of Bo tox injections; and it's even a fraction of the cost of a year's supply of Tylenol!! And those are just comparisons against a ONE YEAR supply - if treated well this device will easily last your lifetime. This is, quite simply, one of the best - if not THE best - opportunity out there to just never worry about migraines again in your life. That's our dream- to give you that. Period.

We're here because we need to at least try to get this product out to as many people that could benefit from it as possible.
We've always been worried that people would think it was either too strange or too simple to try, so we drug our feet on putting in the time and money to launch the product. However, if you suffer from migraines logically speaking there is absolutely no reason given all the science and successful stories behind this product not to try it. It's just over a hundred bucks one time, and the benefits it could have and the pain it could save you from are enormous. I'm just sorry we didn't put the device out sooner.

We sincerely hope this helps as many people as possible!



NOTE: When we say 'No Side Effects,' we mean it in the same way that water or a massage has no side effects. If you drink 3 gallons of water, that's enough that it has killed people - but that's also a completely ridiculous thing to do. If you easily get nose bleeds from any nasal stimulation, this is a form of nasal stimulation like any other. I don't think it's possible to inject CO2 fast enough no matter what you do with this to cause issues. Obviously there is an effect of the nerve stimulation, a side effect of that seems to be waking up a bit - I've used the device when I'm extremely tired and it gives a slight boost. If you were to do something else ridiculous like stick the device in your ear, that might cause side effects - but so can a sandwich. Someone with an incredibly sensitive pre-existing condition might get a side effect of some kind related to their previous state. So that's what we mean by 'no side effects'. We've gotten one message saying "I don't trust anything that says no side effects" - so think of this like a sandwich... If you stick it in your ear or have 900 of them or consider no longer feeling hungry side effects then yes, there are not precisely zero effects. By that definition only doing nothing has no side effects and eventually that would as well.
Legal disclaimer: The early FDA trials on nasal inhaled CO2 for migraines on a different but similar device and the published scientific journal research show that this device may eliminate or greatly reduce migraines in 60-65% of patients, and that is backed up by our customer reports, but everyone is biologically different so nothing will work on all migraine sufferers. FDA trials cost $10 million - $100 million to complete generally, which is 10 to 100 times more than this device would make even if 1 out of 100 people who suffer migraines purchased one - so while we would love to pursue that route, no simple and effective one-time purchase migraine device will ever be able to gain that stamp of approval due to the sheer cost. This is a large reason all FDA approved devices are either expensive ($400 plus) or require ongoing use (Bo tox, drugs). This device only uses carbon dioxide from soda beverages, however, which is - of course - already approved for human consumption. Every case is different- All text, video and other information on this page, in the video, and with the device is strictly informative, none of it is medical advice. The FDA has not given statement nor analyzed as to affect. Nothing here is a statement of efficacy, the research on CO2 for migraines must speak for itself and in its own context. Any statements related to percentage of people helped refer to the general concept of nasal inhaled CO2 and are based on a rough and not-statistically assimilated aggregate of the afforementioned studies and research, not based on FDA evaluation of this exact device - which also uses nasal inhaled CO2 and has been reported on very well by clients, consistent with the afforementioned research. Nothing here is a medical claim or claim or guarantee of any affects, benefits, medical assistance, etc. NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE - the device by itself does not affect the body in any way, the CO2 supplied by sodas (not supplied) creates the effect via the guidance of the device. Classification similar to snorkel, cannula, sippy top or other fluid metering and guiding device. Usage, purpose for usage, usage of any gas optional and up to user.