Marpac Rohm Portable White Noise – Sleep Enhancing!

The Marpac Rohm portable white noise machine is one of the most popular parenting and travel accessories right now on all of

As you can see in the wonderful demonstration video above, the Marpac Rohm is a chargeable white noise machine that can play a variety of soothing and sleep enhancing noises - ranging from ocean sounds to simple white noise - as well as deep white noise. The Marpac can be used both plugged in or with the rechargeable internal battery which lasts up to 8 hours - making for an incredibly handy product to be used while traveling. Rhythmic white noise such as ocean sounds have been shown in scientific studies to affect the brain's sleep waves and in some cases are capable of creating deeper, more effective sleep.

All white noise produced by the device is capable of drowning out external sounds such as traffic noise, barking dogs, trains, workers and more.

From the manufacturer: "While we call it “white noise” because that’s the most commonly used industry term, our  Marpac products are actually creating pink noise." The Marpac has 2497 reviews averaging 4 stars on Amazon as of this writing, one reviewer stating "We have owned about 6 sound machines: half died within a couple months, half were returned. I wanted to find a good machine for my girls’ room and wouldn’t compromise on quality for a cheap price tag. This is exactly what I was hoping to find, and at a price that was more than fair.
Buy this machine- it’s very high grade, has as many choices as anyone could need, and it is very effective at inducing good, deep sleep.

Another reviewer writes, "I have three of the regular size machines from the same company as this little one, and this is louder than all three of them combined.
I live in an apartment with thin walls, so I need them to block out my neighbors, but three of them weren’t doing the job, so I got this and put it on the window away from the others, which are spread out between my bed and the door. I haven’t slept this well in awhile. The bonuses are that it fits in the palm of my hand, is portable, charges quickly, and lasts for 12-hours on a single charge.
I definitely recommend this. I paid full price for this and am not being compensated to write this review.

 The only better reviews we've seen for machines of this type are for far, far more expensive closed loop machines - which take feedback from the user's sleep patterns or brainwaves and adapt the pink noise in response. However these machines cost hundreds of dollars. Unless you are interested in the top of the line systems, the Marpac Rohm has just about everything to be a star in the sleep assistance and noise combatting categories!

Overall this is one of the most popular white/pink noise machines available today. You can buy it here from Amazon and enjoy it for years to come!:



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